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Adil Dinani

Adil Dinani

Founder & Principal

As one of Greater Vancouver’s top performing REALTORS®, Adil prides himself on his personalized service and attention to his clients every detail. He focuses on creating a culture of excellence through each step of the transaction to ultimately ensure that the homes the team represents are selling for top dollar and in a timely and seamless manner.

With over $600,000,000 in sales and a decade of real estate experience including all aspects of residential transactions, project marketing land purchases and developments, his experience bodes well. This vast understanding allows Adil to confidently handle a variety of transactions making him your residential property authority.

Adil is a regular contributor on a host of media channels with over 23 Television appearances on local and National Networks discussing the state of Vancouver’s Real Estate Market; BNN Bloomberg, CTV, Global, Vancouver Sun, CKNW, News 1130 to name a few. (Visit Media Page)

Specializing in building an award winning team understanding client needs, delivering innovative and greatly proven marketing strategies have catapulted him to Royal LePage Chairman’s Club which represents the top 1% of agents and teams nationally and the Presidents Medallion Club which acknowledges the industries best on the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board.

Now more than ever — who you work with matters.


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Farris Kapani

Farris Kapani

Sales Partner

As a sales partner at The Dinani Group, Farris brings a breadth of knowledge to the table. A graduate from the UBC Sauder School of Business, Farris has an intimate understanding of market trends and is able to guide both buyers and sellers through Vancouver’s fast paced real estate market. With his relentless work ethic and value-driven approach, Farris always produces at a high calibre. He believes that success is directly correlated with building a strong reputation and always looking out for your client’s best interests first.

Jamil Jutha

Jamil Jutha

Sales Partner

As a Sales Partner at the Dinani Group, Jamil brings extensive background experience in Sales and Customer Service to the team. Being involved in the Real Estate industry for the past 5+ years, Jamil has led 2 pre-sale projects while continuing to assist his clients in re-sale and land acquisition. As a proud graduate of UBC Sauder, Jamil focuses on creating a tailored approach to each and everyone of his clients. Whether he’s exploring our backyard hiking or on a sheet of ice playing hockey, Jamil cares deeply about community and creating a memorable client experience.

Taylor Murdoch

Taylor Murdoch

Client Care Manager

As Dinani Groups Client Care Manager, Taylor is responsible for the day to day operations and providing concierge level customer service to all of the Dinani Groups clients. Delivering outstanding customer service has always been an essential part of a days work.

Taylor uses the organizational skills she developed throughout her schooling and her 3 years of office management experience to ensure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly. She relies on her positive attitude, dedication and commitment to excellent customer service to efficiently handle both local and international client inquiries and needs.

Mustafa Qaderi

Mustafa Qaderi

Listing Manager

Our listing manager Mustafa brings forth deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate market. A graduate of Simon Fraser University, he earned a BBA with honours but more impressively he made his first investment in real estate at the age of 16. An avid reader and student of business he started his own restaurant in his mid 20’s and grew it to one of the most successful of its kind. With his restless work ethic, Mustafa helped establish his business and step out to pursue his passion helping buyers and sellers secure the home of their dreams. With over 18 years of market participation and expertise he is excited to serve his community and provide clients with exceptional service, knowledge and expertise.

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“If you look at the the better part of a decade since 2009, when we came out of the heights of the recession, we’ve been the beneficiaries of a very strong real estate market, We’re at a point where adjustment and moderation like we’re experiencing now is normal, natural and healthy for the long term sustainability of our market.... I believe if you buy real estate today and have a longterm time horizon, it will be a fruitful investment.”

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