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REP Magazine: Adil is featured as one of the top agents in the country, April 5, 2020

REP Magazine: Adil is featured as one of the top agents in the country, April 5, 2020

"In an industry that is becoming more consumer-focused, a constant push to create a culture of excellence and innovation is essential to our growth...It's true what they say: If you're comfortable, you're not growing"  Dinani's performance hit new heights in 2019: He ranked seventh out of...

CTV News: Where are housing prices headed ? April 14, 2020

The Simi Sara Show: Adil speaks with Simi regarding COVID-19 impacts, April 15, 2020

The Province: Five Traits of the Rebounding Vancouver Housing Market November 21, 2019

The Province: Five Traits of the Rebounding Vancouver Housing Market November 21, 2019

Global News: Adil Discusses Market Statistics With Jordan Armstrong, Dec 4, 2018

Global News: Adil discusses market statistics with Jordan Armstrong, Dec 4, 2018...

The Lynda Steele Show: Real Estate is it time to buy ? August 29, 2019

REMI Network: Vancouver to rev up short-term rental reg goals November 21, 2019

REMI Network: Vancouver to rev up short-term rental reg goals November 21, 2019

CTV News Channel: The Very First Ask The Agents Panel, October 10, 2017

Adil speaks on the very first ask the agents panel with CTV News...

Vancouver Sun: Five Traits of the Rebounding Vancouver Housing Market November 21, 2019

Vancouver Sun: Five Traits of the Rebounding Vancouver Housing Market November 21, 2019

Financial Post: How turmoil in Hong Kong could boost real estate prices in Canada, August 27, 2019

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CTV News: Adil Dinani speaks with CTV about Eliot At Norquay & Live free for a year incentive, June 22, 2019

Adil Dinani speaks with CTV about Eliot At Norquay's buyer's incentive...

Global News: B.C.’s Recreational Properties Seeing A Price Increase, June 20, 2017

Adil speaks with Jay Durrant with Global News about recreational properties increasing in BC....

Global News: Adil Discusses The Real Estate Forecast For Vancouver, February 17, 2017

Adil speaks with Global News regarding the real estate forecast for Vancouver...

Global News: Interview with Sonia Sunger, Jan 12, 2017

Adil speaks to Sonia about the most recent statistics release, along with market forcast.  ...

Global News: Adil Discusses BC Home Assessments, Jan 2, 2017

Adil discusses BC home assessments with Global news ...

Global News: Adil Disscusses The Impact Trump May Have On Canadian Real Estate, Nov 11, 2016

Adil Speaks to Global News on the impact Trump may have on Canadian Real Estate...

CTV News: Interviewers Ask Adil's Opinion On Where Vancouvers Market Is Headed, Oct 13, 2016

Adil speaks with CTV News on where Vancouvers Real Estate Market is headed, Oct 13, 2016...

CTV National: Adil Expresses His Thoughts On The New Foreign Buyer Tax, July 25, 2016

Adil speaks with CTV National on his thoughts on the new foreign buyer tax, July 25, 2016...

Global News: Adil and Steve Darling Discuss The Hot Market, July 13, 2016

Adil discusses the fast paced Vancouver Real Estate Market...

Breakfast Television: Adil Discusses Foreign Buyers, May 13, 2016

BTV on site live with Adil Dinani...

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Global News: Adil Speaks To Reports About The Market Rebound, April 18, 2016

Canada AM CTV: Adil Discusses Shadow Flipping, February 12, 2016

Adil Discusses Shadow Flipping ...

The Simi Sara Show: Adil speaks about the Vancouver Housing Market and the newest Royal LePage Report, July 10, 2019

The Province: Eliot At Norquay takes a established and convenient location, August 1, 2019

Adil speaks with The Province about our newest development Eliot At Norquay...

Vancouver Sun: Vancouver's Housing Market Moderating for First Time in Three Years, August 1, 2019

Adil speaks with Vancouver Sun...

Daily Hive: Adil Speaks with Daily Hive about Eliot at Norquay

Vancouver condo development offering to cover buyer's living costs for a year...

Mansion Global: Vancouver's Quick Cooldown Has Opened an Opportunity for Buyers, June 21, 2019

Adil speaks to Mansion Global on Vancouver's quick cooldown and how it has opened an opportunity for buyers....

Financial Post: Adil speaks to Financial Post regarding recreational Housing: June 6, 2019

Bloomberg News: Adil speaks to Bloomberg regarding the presale market in Vancouver, April 15, 2019

Vancouver Sun: Federal budget's mortgage help is of limited assistance in markets like Metro Vancouver, March 21, 2019

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Adil speaks to Real Estate Professional Magazine Regarding November Stats, Dec 7, 2018

Lynda Steele Show: Adil Speaks With Lynda About Vancouvers Housing Process

Royal LePage: Adil discusses the Q2 RLP Market Update 2018

Real Estate Professional: Choosing the right brokerage. July 19, 2018

Surrey Now-Leader: Greater Vancouver condo prices jump 18% in second quarter: report, July 10, 2018

Global News: Condo prices soar in Metro Vancouver: new survey by Royal LePage, July 10, 2018

Bloomberg: Adil discusses July 2018 numbers with Bloomberg

Vancouver Courier: A greater Vancouver condo is now the 'price of a house four years ago', July 10, 2018

Buzz Buzz Home: Vancouver reclaims title of Canada's most expensive rental market, May 16, 2018

Bloomberg: Vancouver luxury property is North America's worst performer, May 8, 2018

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Vancouver Sun: Vancouver's Luxury Market Feeling the Pain, May 8, 2018

Buzz Buzz Home: Greater Vancouver condo prices just hit $700,000, May 3, 2018

Business In Vancouver: Adil discusses housing affordability, April 3, 2018

BuzzBuzzNews: Adil addresses OSFI Stress Test and momentum in the attached market, January 26, 2018

Western Investor: Adil discusses the effect of rate hike on condo buyers, January 23, 2018

Business In Vancouver: Adil talks condo market and new mortgage rules, January 22, 2018

REP Magazine Names Adil One Of The Country's Top 200 Agents, Issue 4.01.512.95

REP Magazine Names Adil One Of The Country's Top 200 Agents, Issue 4.01.512.95

Adil Dinani recognized as part of REP top 200 agents in the country. ...

Adil the Young Gun, top 100 Agents under 35, 2017

NEWS 1130: Metro Vancouver condo prices continue to skyrocket, October 12, 2017

Canadian Press: Vancouver Realtors Warn Dramatic Sales Slump, October 3, 2017

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Vancouver Sun: Adil gives his two cents on the Central Bank Rate Increase, September 7, 2017

BuzzBuzzNews: K.Wilson Asks Adil's advice on how peak millenials can enter the market, August 27, 2017

Buzz Home: Heated Metro Vancouver market drives up recreational property sales and prices in BC, Jun 20, 2017

BNN: Toronto imposes foreign buyer tax, BNN Asks Adil for his opinon, April 20, 2017

Roundhouse Radio & BIV Podcast: Adil Discusses Millennials And Their Buying Behaviour

City News: Adil discusses low supply of homes and snow limit sales in February, March 3, 2017

News 1130: Adil talks about the decline in home sales in 2016, March 3, 2017

South China Morning Post: Vancouver has highest population density in Canada, according to Census, Feb 9, 2017

Business Vancouver: Adil touches on Population Density, February 8, 2017

Roadhouse Radio: Adil provides insight on the housing report, Jan 14, 2017:

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Vancouver Sun: Home sales in Vancouver dropped 5.6% last year, prices fall slightly; Jan 4, 2017

Financial Post: Adil talks about Foreign Ownership, Nov 30, 2016:

Kash Heed Show: Adil Discusses about what Trump Presidency means for Canadian real estate

Vancouver Sun: Adil discusses the market adjustment, Nov 3, 2016:

Vancouver Sun: Adil Touches on New Tax and Mortgage Rules imposed by Federal Government, Oct 4,2016:

Bloomberg Business: Adil discuses effects of New Federal Regulations on Market Activity, Oct 4, 2016:

The Globe And Mail: Adil anticipates the outcome of Ottawa's housing reforms, Oct 3, 2016:

CTV News: Adil speculates the opportunity New Federal Regulations present for some, Oct 3, 2016:

What to look for and avoid when buying a home, September 9, 2016

YP Next Home: Adil identifies what to look for when buying a home, Sept 2, 2016

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The Globe & Mail: Adil discusses the changing market after implementation of Foreign Buyer Tax, Sept 2, 2016

The Province: Adil gives his opinion on the implication of Foreign Buyer Tax, July 26, 2016:

BBC Local News: Adil touches on the impact of the new Foreign Buyer Tax, July 26, 2016:

Money Sense Magazine: Adil comments on the implications of B.C.'s New Foreign Buyer Tax, July 26, 2016:

CKNW980: Adil speaks to Jon McComb about the shift in the Housing Market, July 15, 2016:

Bloomberg Business News: Adil comments on potential impact of Brexit on Vancouver's Real Estate Market, July 3, 2016:

Langley Times: Adil informs Martin Van Den Hemel, which lower mainland neighborhoods are hot right now and divulges what makes an area a great place to live, June 21, 2016:

CISL AM650: Adil reviews the Royal LePage 2016 Luxury Property Report with Tom Lucas, May 14, 2016:

CNKW AM980: Jon McComb asks Adil's opinion on price reset, April 18, 2016

Metro News: Adil talks about the spike in Housing prices across the lower mainland, April 7, 2016: