The Art of Selling

The Art of Selling The Art of Selling The Art of Selling

“Real estate doesn’t stop on weekends and neither do I. This career is more of a lifestyle than a ‘job’, which is why I love it so much.”

- Adil Dinani

The Game Plan

From start to finish, our marketing strategy is carefully devised to sell your home for the best price in the best timeline.



Analyze the Market and set a competitive Price.



Advise you on how to improve and prepare your home to sell.



Maximize technology to market your home.



show the home to potential buyers.



Negotiate with buyers for a fast, stress-free sale.



Reach an agreement and finalize the contract.



“From the use of a professional photographer to all the latest technologies, he made the experience of selling our house painless and stress free…”

- Naz

Innovative Marketing. outstanding Results.

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Pricing, Presentation, Promotion

Why do Homes Sell?


Homes attract the most attention in the first two weeks from the listing date. You need to be realistic with your price; don't go fishing. If you price a home well, it will sell quickly. You want your home to be represented well on the market. Homes that sit for a long time don't generate good feedback.


Buyers are looking for homes online before contacting an agent these days. You want your home to show well 24/7 and good photo's matter. Also, condition of you property is extremely important. Fixing small things (i.e. painting damaged walls, broken hinges on doors, broken screens, etc) are important because it's all about first impressions.


You always need to consider what the market and the competition are doing. The market is directly tied into the price of your home. If you ask too much you will then be competing with homes that offer more land, luxury, space, etc, effectively ruining your chances to sell quickly. Too low, and people start to wonder what is wrong with the property.


Hiring a real estate marketing professional like myself is incredibly important to make sure that your home gets the proper exposure it requires to sell it quickly and for the most amount of money. Don't put the future of your investment in the hands of an inexperience REALTOR® who may not know what is needed to be successful. My customized marketing plan will be your property's best friend!

Where do buyers come from?

40% Name/Salesperson; 20% For sale sign; 18% advertisement;8%referral; 7% Moving; 3% MLS®; 3% Misc.; 2% Open House

All Roads Lead Home

With premium online and social media marketing, Adil's listings get the best exposure, reaching the audince most likely to buy the property.

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